Monday, May 19, 2008

production design blog-a-thon: day one

Aside from my own post on production designer William Arnold, and his aesthetic of "no-places" in Punch-Drunk Love (see below), we were joined by two other participants for Day One of the Production Design Blog-A-Thon.

First up:

"The Colors of Star Wars," at Gee Bobg: "There is almost no color in Star Wars," Bob writes, "except when lasers are firing, lightsabers are clashing, and spaceships are exploding."

Bob is followed up by Jaime, writing on "Le Samourai," at Chicago Ex-Patriate: "Virtually every other scene shows that [Melville's protagonist] lives in a modern world, yet maintains an old-fashioned simplicity in his own world."

Thanks to both of these participants; and hopefully there will be more to come tomorrow and over the other remaining days...

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